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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Healthy PRIDE [Kebanggaaan Yang Sehat]

There are 2 types of pride: a good and not good. The sinful pride (hubris) is if someone feels compare God or try to replace the position of God. While encouraging a “right pride” someone to do the best. This type has a sense of pride assistant be: humble. Have modest means know that we can do better.
Elements of PRIDE, which is the right, are:

P-Pride: Having a right sense of pride means feel happy when a job is completed properly or will feel happy to be alive and you’re real self.
R-Respect: Having a right sense of pride means respect yourself as a friendly person and good heart.
I-Improvement: Having a right sense of pride in seeing that still means there is no perfect human beings and that we all must work to improve themselves.
D-Dignity: Having a right sense of pride means deeply feel that our self worth, we do not need a compliment to have people self.
E-Effort: have a right sense of pride means pride for trying owned. What is valuable is not easy to own. The point is, there is no sense of pride if you have something when you do not try. Has a right sense of pride that we feel happy if we work in the achievement.

Has a right sense of pride in oneself is the key to great achievement; it may be more meaningful if compared to the quality of the other.

Quoted from: Book 9 The Secret Life Reaching for Success - Denis Waitley

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