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Friday, June 27, 2008

How to speak in english guy? [the humble musician, Rene Van Helsdingen]

His name Rene van Helsdingen , nation origin pianists from Dutch windmill, the husband of one of the violin maestro from Indonesia Luluk Purwanto. When I saw his “crazy” finger played appearance on the key of piano.... I’m amazing ... why? because I can’t play even one of music’s tool, hehehe.

And this day .... I’m in a car with “mas” Rene (who was very humble and skittish) to visit the YPM Music School in Bintaro, there we met Oliver & Aisha Pletscher. I really feel lucky to meet them all, and I wonder in the heart .... "Do I have a dream to meet great musicians in my life?" And I think the answer is never ....! Then I ask again ... "Why I’m so lucky?" Then I remember, during my high school, which is always difficult and getting bad value for the English lesson. I discussed with God (read: berdo'a in prayer) I says, "O God, thou Almighty is good, promise you that you will fulfill every request that comes to you (in do'a), then I come now, who knows how, the main thing I want to speak English without having to dealing with the book. " : p (hehe…)

And when I remind .... since a few years ago, I gradually into the community of foreigners, some do not speak Indonesian, some even speak English with charming, but I have to communicate with those who can not speak Indonesian, then I just had to bring -take a small dictionary to be able to communicate despite stagnating- stagnant.

Then I have many friends from various nations on the internet, we often chat with the English language. They do not need to know how such crazy I’m open dictionary to be able to talk with them. But eventually the day unconsciously I do not need the dictionary to find a vocabulary. Grammar although still “amburadul” (such messy) here and there, but at least communication more smoothly.

And now ... I was faced with the native surrounding me as a natural teachers. I make this extraordinary ... something in a corner of my heart says, "See ... God has many ways to fulfill your proposal, even though you are too spoiled even just try ..." hehe ...

I so remember the book "The Secret" that I read. "Let your imagine respond, just think about what you want to happen in our lives, need not detract from or how to think. Unity with intelligences will make it happen." I’m not sure exactly, but sounds like that..

And the more I felt God so Merciful, not half-hearted, not just native to give practice in the English conversations, but made me met with a great native, wow.... HE gives us more than we have ... and it is really not that difficult-to HIM.

so .... "Do not give up! And keep praying!"


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