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Sunday, June 29, 2008



"directed imagination is more important than knowledge."


"directed imagination over the world."

Approximately 70% of our learning occurs in the first 6 years of our lives. At the time it is our capacity to absorb new things are on the peak. That is also when the power to grow with our imagination.

This last mentioned preceded the previous one. We need imagination so that we can learn quickly and easily. Therefore, we need to keep the creative imagination, and actually stimulate and develop, in our adult lifetime.

Sometimes there are parents who say, "I worry about the little Josh, his imagination so amazing!" other parents appear to believe that the value of children's imagination is entertaining for adults.

The simple truth is that imagination is the key to all the learning and problem-solving. That is the "
Edison" and "Einstein" in this world has a very special imagination. For example, Einstein to the conclusion about the space and time after the imaginative hurl himself to the planets where he riding around the moon rays. Ability to become like a child help him become a giant among intellectual people.

A strong imagination is also important for a strong mind power. This is the one of the reasons why people who have elderly often complain their bad memories. They let their imagination worsened such that they no has longer thought to create a picturesque will "embedded" in their mind.

Each time we record the memories in the place where our memories, we use imagination and visualization resources to create an image. Our effectiveness in creating the image that we can not easily recall the information.

In addition, a strong imagination is required in making your body and mind relaxed. For example, if you can imagine a completely natural, such as the beach, you will have the ability to relax according to your will. How valuable your imagination! Conversely, someone who does not develop they imagine will be more difficult to relax.

Just keep practice your imagination as you train your body. The more you develop, the more easily your imagination to solve problems and remember the facts.

Quoted from: book-Being Happy Andrew Matthews


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