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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Angel LJ

Live is up and down sometimes .... I thought anybody known better if we have no money, it will make us “mati gaya” (uhm.. its seems like Indonesian slang or something like that, dunno how to say in english, “die style” in text of dictionary maybe or didn’t know what would we do, or stuck!), isn’t it? Are you agree?! Well... just nod ... because in this blog should not discuss the contents (means: debate in content!) Hahaha ....

The blog’s veto just for the owner here. To inform you about dislike and like once again I remind you, better save your energy for other things.: p

One day in the “mati gaya”, in the middle of the night darkness (Xoxoxo… seems that I’m like the poet), I’m already in “mati gaya”, I Sit after prayer tahadjud, & asking to almighty God, "O Allah, I must pay my living cost, must fulfil my promise to my niece to go to Kidzania, must pay the insurance, ect ... and I have no money in my account. ...

So what should I do my Lord ...?

I’m not a lazy gal, you known me beter than my self I guess. I also never extravagant, I mean I never used my money for overcharging, I'd keep & used carefully. ... So now… I have no money, but still should be spent, so please help me to pay it all .... at this time the amount of Rp. 3.600.000, - is much for me. YOU Rich I know, so I come on YOU and only asking to YOU for help as the slaves. Amen."

Then I sleep.

In the same morning I chat with someone who became my friend in the virtual world (I call him “virtual friend”), the amazing in this case, he offers to give me a reason to charity, although we have not met. I certainly reject it, because I do not feel worthy to receive it. However, he was forced, and I continue to reject it. The story is odor guys!
At night before going to bed, I remember again with all I have should pay, I am felt regret rejected the charity from my “virtual friend”. I thought in my mind, "How if he is the angel sent by God to help me?" It sounds silly, right? But I do not care! I went to bathroom for “wudhu”, prayer and ... yeah asking again to almighty GOD, "O GOD, please do forgive me if I am too proud of a provision ward through the friend of the virtual world. If indeed, it is my rightfrom YOU. But I will get it even though I have rejected him . Please show me the truth my Lord .... Amen!"

Then I sleep.

Tomorrow, in the same morning, we met again in the chat room; actually, we do not have long chat, but this day we met twice times in a chat room. Truly fun again because he still offers to send his “zakat” to me. I can only say, "If you really want do that, I will accept!" the oath in the depth inside anxious hope hehehe ...
And .... Voilaaaa ....! The fund parking in my account about U.S. $ 400 in rupiah (right now) I get Rp. 3.600.000, - he transferred via MoneyGram. "How it such fit with my budget estimation?" I’m felt surprised, and then I thought, “If I understand that YOU will approved my proposal so easy, better I’m asking for U.S. $ 40.000, - ?" Hahaha ...

Maybe LJ is the Angel who sent of the Lord. Because after that ... we almost never meet again in the chat room, but only in snatches as the busy time is different. Thanks a bunch my LJ Angel ... Alhamdulillah ... Hope many happy return to you ... May God bless you ..


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