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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Owner Manet Vision is my "kompor":p

Roni http://www.roniyuzirman.blogspot.com is my friend at junior high school, at this time his activity resound quite significant, he has a thriving community TDA like mushrooms in the rainy season. I saw his interview with Metro TV. Some of the time profile appears in the newspapers of the country. Sometimes I still do not believe if we are ever be a friends before hehe ….

Several weeks ago we met in the chat room, our many discussions without any concept … but it strange (at least for me) … some of our reference books are seems similar, such as Manuscript Celestine, The Secret, The Alchemist,Denis Waitley, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Dan Brown, etc.. Of course, his books collections more than me … hehe … The good poin is, it makes the flow of discussions more smooth, and Roni … still humble … may be even much more modest … still love supporting …. motivate … attempt to create comfortable opponent talking...

And because of him (I called him “STOVE”), finally made & created this blog …. I actually do have a blog on friendster, but the content is “amburadul” (soo messy & spoiled). I used it to practice & write in my messy English … haha

With input from Roni for a discussion focusing on one particular blog, I finally decided to give the title of this blog “Imaginary Factory” is the reason because I’d hate debated, just want to share all in my mind even silly.

Because by the title like that, anyone not entitled to discuss its contents, because everything in the frame “Imaginary” haha …. even everything has wrote aren’t unreal but still in the frame of “imagination”.

And “blueSaphier”, just an anonymous of me, all the blogs and sites associated with me, I used the name blueSaphir.

I has no special reasons, Just like that name..!

So… enjoy with your Imagine here guys…


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