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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Imaginary Festival JakArt@2008_Ary Sutedja

I know Mrs. Ary Sutedja already long enough, but not been more closely at our long involvement in an event where she helped me arrange the event.

I was read Mrs. Ary Sutedja’s profile in a magazine about 5 years ago says that she is a woman describes the dynamic, intelligent and full of imagination. Women who advanced to play the piano and trim around the world already for her show. She speaks at least 9 language (if I do not remember a magazine that tells you so), and yesterday evening when I talk with her mom is her break session, I got a chance to let the truth about it, at least Mrs. Ary Sutedja’s mom count with the fingers: French, German, English, Greek ….. and I have not heard anymore, already shocked, because I am of people that is difficult to learn the language … here (you can see my messy english here I guess ha-ha)

I heard about JakArt since 2001, just has not ever been involved directly.
Some time ago Mrs. Ary Sutedja mention about JakArt “If” present concept “imaginary FESTIVAL” with the theme: Forbiden, Forgotten, and Forsaken. The motto is, “Reality starts when fantasy is over.”

At night I dreamed, looked empty frame-frame with the painting Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn, etc. in it. Apparently, I really dazzled the imagination with a program in Jakarta @ 2008:

1. If (Festival imaginary); festival where a variety of conceptual performance that imaginary place.
2. Program characteristics of JakArt where the real events that take place through out Jakarta.
3. Blend between the real and conceptual.

I’m really stunned with the imagination of a program in JakArt@2008 I see the terrible http://www.jakart.info/ again, Jakarta is also the founder AAPAF (Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals) http://www.aapaf. org /.

I feel lucky to know her, always humble and smiling despite being chaotic. Although no teaching, I learn a lot from her. And most importantly … I understand one of the main road to the imagination with the spirit to dream together.
When we were dreaming … when we were imagine …. then … everything will be possible … Insya Allah.

have a good dream … have a great imagination …
Never again to limit the dreams and our imagination …


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