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Monday, August 11, 2008

Eduardo Tami - Flute Musician, Argentina_11 Agustus 2008

Teater Kecil TIM Jakpus 11 Agustus 2008,

After the concert finished, Eduardo Tami (Flute) together with Oliver PletscherAisha Pletscher (Piano), atmosphere at the back stage scene by fight fans who have requested a signature to the Eduardo Tami.

The show is truly spectacular, and the memories you carve deep, because we already had a previous close at the workshop tango vive Studio.

Concert was also attended by the Ambassador of Argentina and his assistance Sebastian.

In opportunity Eduardo Tami get souvenirs such as bamboo flute, and when he try to play, Eduardo difficulty removing the voice flute be blown despite already hard haha ....

Surprise for me because Eduardo Tami provide a CD of music to me is signed by him directly with his wife Maria. We took the streets after the concert to the Grand Melia Hotel to relax.


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