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Friday, November 28, 2008

Larry in d home

I thought he is already in Wisconsin right now, I hope anything was fine, even I can’t accompany you to the airport like I picking you up in the airport while you come. Thanks for anything was done Larry, for your kindness, your attention, your books that you bought for me, your help while I’m crazy setting something about computer stuff, ect.

It’s kind of special things for me, maybe you was forget about that moment, when I send you sms that I need your help to edit some flyer coz I must show it at my presentation meeting. In Indonesia time it’s about 10am, means about 10pm at USA time, and I should ready after lunch time. You just said, “Why didn’t tell me earlier, but I will try my best.”

When I bring my laptop to the meeting room, I still not receive anything on my inbox from him. I send him messages from YM that I will ready on meeting about 20 minutes later. I’m lucky that a lot of things to discuses before my presentation session.
And voila… I got message from him on my inbox, he sent me sms, to check. No body knows that I’m panic at that time. Thanks God that flyer already done in fit time. Thanks
Larry.. thank you so much…

Especially… for your help in my narrow condition. May God bless you. Taking care of your self please. Wish all the best for you… in whole your life.

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