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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Forbidden, Forgotten, Forsaken

August 1-31

From August 1-31, JakArt@2008 International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival will transform Jakarta into the ‘cultural city’ of the world featuring real imaginary, real, and imaginary real events, exhibitions, world premiers, interdisciplinary, collaborations, ect., and will include the Annual General Meeting os AAPAF (Associations of Asian Performing Arts Festivals) coinciding with the opening of the festival. This year’s festival theme is: Forbiden, Forgotten, Forsaken and our motto is “Reality begins where Fantasy ends”.

JakArt@2008’s programming is arranged in three major categories:

IF (Imaginary Festival)

a conceptual festival where imaginary events take place.

the trademark JakArt programming where real events will take place all over Jakarta.

combination of conceptual and the real.

Reality begins where Fantasy ends

The Imaginary Festival


a collaboration of many real imaginary, real, and imaginary real artists (from all the disciplines of the arts) intellectuals, critics, promoters, sponsors, volunteers, audiences, and the mass media

a mix of reality and fantasy where the real imaginary and imaginary real artists are performing at real or imaginary locations, times and or dates.


Is an art work in itself, a concept and a format for a festival designed to explore and question our perceptions and their limitations;

To expose and promote the power of imagination;

To unveil and discover alternative realities while critically examining our society and the realities currently available;

To inspire and foster a collective fantasy that if subscribed to and sustained for long enough can in itself become a new collective reality.

If many people share a fantasy it will become real

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