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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maria Claudia Marciano - tango dancer from Argentina_7 Agustus 2008

Vive Studio recently proclaiming itself to open the courses coming of a maestro Salsa dancer from Argentina, Maria Claudia Marciano, she is flute maestro of Argentina Eduardo Tami’s wife.

At the event workshop (that we created in short time for preparation, about 2 days) I attended by close friends vive Studio owner, Pancawati Audran, also the program director of JakArt@2008 Mr. Rene Van Helsdingen a piano maestro nation's windmill (husband's violin maestro Indonesia Luluk Purwanto) attended, we met with derisive laughter and gaiety there here.

Humility Argentina couple of artists made us enjoy with the spirit of the movement and dance the romantic tango from Maria. Even it messy and disorganized, but it's not a problem .. the important things is how to be happy hehe ...


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