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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Transmania Gathering @ Trans TV_110509

It was surprised when I found my name listed as one of the invitations that can get a recommendation to attend the event Transmania Gathering in Trans TV @ 3A floor with 70 other members of TDA. When I arrived there, I realized that we met with some community (entrepreneurs) in addition to TDA, the IYE and BundaInBiz.

I have a "mati
gaya" (slang Indonesian language, for this situation seems like that I’m such feel amazing) since the start of the event at 7pm until 10pm, why? Because my feelings are very proud, stunned, and remarkable while heard presentations from the communities that are represented by the young women full of inspiration. Perhaps because I am woman, therefore I glued some feminism euphoria and spirit ... haha

Although the theme of Kartini’s day has been pass, but the fact that at the time that young women have shared many experiences, but without leaving their duties as wife and mother, for me its very unusual.

Founder kutukutubuku.com makes me impressed with her spirit as a young entrepreneur at the age, also jengNad (with that name she need people known her) from bundaInBiz, her presentation looks very simple, but in fact it become so powerful.

I’m really busy with my amazing feelings for them, coz very inspiring. At home I can’t sleep ... maybe coz of remembrance of JengNad’s new shoes at her cute blog haha… jengNad really humble person...

I also think the director of Trans TV pak Ishadi, what indeed is in the mind so that he would like to spent his valuable time to sit in on the event. He looks very low profile and carefully, the atmosphere of intimacy that he does not appear as subordinate to superior, but more like family. This proves that management should not be rigid and authoritarian to the achievement of the plume.

I like the one with the phrase pak Ishadi the essence, "In Trans TV, employees here also has many entrepreneurs talent, who have brought food for sale from floor to floor, bring a cloth, and so forth. It does not matter, rather than corruption. Right?" It’s greeted with spontaneous cheers & applauses.

Well, great moment.. but I should sleep now, I know that I will get a sweet dream about you all ... positive people in positive community .. will make us feel positive.

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