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Saturday, May 16, 2009

S . U . N . S . E . T

Taman Pendidikan 29 Jakarta
Sunday, 16 March, 9.07am

Sometimes, life is up and down… sometimes we are felt sad, sometimes felt happy… but… what ever your feeling inside… it just show you that you are still a live in the “real world”. I thought we are agreed that black color as a symbol for sadness things, red for mad or upset, yellow for happiness, gold for something great, pink for love, ect.

If you think life is a picture… life is perfect of picture… life is colorful, and something amazing about life’s picture is, life able to combine sadness color, mad color, happiness color, love color to be a great picture.
Just go to the beach… then waiting till sunset coming up around you… you can see how almighty God created a wonderful picture there… all of color in a perfect picture.
It’s mean… all of your color’s life… it might be making your picture’s life is perfect eventually…

Have a wonderful day.. :-)

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