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Monday, May 18, 2009

In Memory of Yasmine Sarah Ben Said by Bret Johnson [UCF]

When I had read that story, I feel “dunno how to say, part of my heart seems like empty I guess” so, after got permission from Bret to put this story on my blog, I’m just copy-paste here. It’s about the other great things of love's means.

Our Chat:
: she was my neighbor I used to babysit for her, she had an allergic reaction and they accidentally gave her 10 times the amount of epinephrine that a human can handle...the doctor did, she was to young to die
: seems u really love her Bret
: yes I do
: I can feel that you such care about her
: I did her and her sister

In Memory of Yasmine Sarah Ben Said by Bret Johnson [UCF]

Yasmine Sarah Ben Said
September 26, 2002 - February 16, 2009

Yasmine was born on September 26, 2002, in St. Paul, Minnesota and attended Kindergarten at the Montessori World School in Orlando.

Yasmine was beautiful inside and out, full of wonder and wise beyond her years. She had a personality that drew peers and adults alike to her vibrant being. She was llike a fish in the water, played soccer loved acting and was learning to read, write, spoke Arabic, studied the Quran, was learning French,and enjoyed singing, . She loved stories, stars, Celtic and Arabic culture, animals, and butterflies. Yasmine traveled regularly to visit relatives in
Minnesota lived in Tunisia for 6 months and visited twice. Yasmine's life was a full of adventure-each day a fun filled journey. She will live on in our hearts forever. Her remarkable capacity to love and be loved is an ability we can all aspire to attain in our lives. We shall take each day, each moment together as a gift. Every child is a wondrous presence in our lives. Like Yasmine, we shall embrace that which is good and beautiful and let go of the rest.

Yasmine is survived by her loving parents Mourad Ben Said and Sarah Cromer-Ben Said and her two year old sister Mariam. She is also survived by her grandparents Ezzedine and Manoubia Ben Said of Tunis, Tunsia, Jerry and Michele Cromer-Poire and Mary Kaye Medinger, all from St. Paul, MN, . Yasmine is also survived by many loving aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

There is a scholarship fund that has been set up to help children and families in financial need. Scholarships will assist children to attend the school Yasmine attended,
Montessori World School. She flourished in this school, and it helped facilitate the amazing individual she was. Any donation would be appreciated.

Please send your check made out to the
Montessori World School and write "Yasmine Ben Said Scholarship Fund", in the memo line. The envelope should be addressed to the school as follows:

Ben Said Scholarship Fund
Montessori World School
11659 Ruby Lake Rd
Orlando, FL 32836

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