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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The silliest canadian guy

TP 29, 310508, 1.57am

He is so silly and funny's guy, I met him at the first time at my place while he visited his friend at January 2006, and his friend is my friend also who stay at the same place with me at the boarding house.

In the morning he just knocks my door and asking me to accompany him to go to the coffee shop if I want to get some breakfast, coz his friend just went to the office in early morning.

I’m just going to breakfast with him eventually, after that we are getting close each other.

The second time we were met each other at February 2008. My old friend invite me to meet her at her apartment, we aren’t met each other for a long time a go, and I decided to accept her invitation.

Suddenly, she was mentioned me about the guy who came from Canada, he just arrived and stay at upstairs, I’m wondering about him, and his name sound familiar for me, and I just went to upstairs and met him again, we have a big hugs coz of felt surprised with our meeting. So we were gone to Yogyakarta together after that.

The third time, we met each other when he just from the airport at May 27, 2008, and I’m walking in the street from the Bank, he called me but I didn’t notice coz of crowded on the street, so he just waiting me in the car, and I’m felt surprised when notice who’s waiting me….

We have accident meeting in all of our past meeting, it’s strange for us, he just wondering why always me, somebody who the first time he met in Indonesia?

Yeah… what ever the way that almighty was created for us… I’m so happy have him as my friend.

“If I must choose the place to be sick, I need Indonesia and especially Yogyakarta to be sick hehe…” don’t tell like that anymore groovy guy, coz you’ll be strong here… :p

Welcome to Indonesia again my spoiled giant baby

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