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Monday, April 28, 2008

You raise me up

YM, 270408, 11.37pm

T : “Hey long time no see, apa kabar?”

Me : “Wow.. glad to meet you here, I’m fine thanks…!”

T : “What are you doing? How about T’s friends?”

Me : “They’re fine I guess, we are rare meet each other lately.”

T : “Still meet with R-guy?”

Me : “Yeah sometimes.”

T : “Is he married?”

Me : “He had 2 kids now :p.”

T : “Wow, with whom?”

Me : “With R-girl.”

T : “Hey.. That’s surprised! I thought R-guy younger than R-girl, hehe?!”

Me : “Yeah… and guess what? I was taking care their old baby since was born coz her mom felt worries to touch her baby, to soft, hehe…”

T : “Oh ya? Their baby might be sassy like you then, haha?!

Me : (mad icon)

T : (laugh icon) “You’re still easy to mad! Still breakfast with tiger?”

Me : (mad icon) “No, I’m eating dragon for breakfast now!”

T : (laugh icon)“So… how about you’re BF? Did you had brownies (brondong manis, to call younger guy as a BF) like R-girl (laugh icon)? Brownies might be make you feel healthfully all the time (laugh icon) Tell him to marry you soon, coz the end of the world will coming soon (laugh icon) You might be had a kids like us (R and T). My old kid at kindergarten right now, and the younger kid have an important job to make our house messy all day (laugh icon) It’s so amazing had them. Don’t waste your time then!”

And then… I’m just share about anything at him… he is like a brother for me… and I’m glad meet him here… Coz I can throw anything bad things at him.

It made me felt better now.

T : “Oh dear… it’s hard…! Be patient please… take care and keep pray and latihan. Almighty will save you. Came on dear… I know that’s you are a tough girl. You’ll be fine! Jia You! Ganbatte!”

I’ll playing my guitar now… this is the lovely song from your favorite singer George Groban, ‘YOU RISE ME UP’ lets sing together…. JREENGGGG….

“You raise me up…. Janganlah menangis.. sayang… kalau menangis.. merahlah pipinya….”

(laugh icon) (sad/cry icon) (laugh icon) (sad/cry icon) (laugh icon) (sad/cry icon)

He made me laugh and cry in the same times… Ughhh…..!

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