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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

P . O . E . M . S - by Jamie Springer

My new friend Jamie just make my m’ning brightnes coz of his poems and cute bear, thanks to allowed to put ur poems here :-)

TP 29 Jkt 7.54am 020408

Created by : Jamie Springer

1 ———————

For someone so beautiful,
With eyes sparkling so bright,
Your face glows mysticaly,
For reasons one can imagine,
My heart beating like a drum,
The night seems so right,
With you in my arms,
Under a moonlit night,
Touching the length of your body,
Holding you so tight,
Your lips grow numb,
While kissing you under the moon,
With your arms around me,
Bursting into heart-felt tears,
With the starlights twinkling bright.

2 ——————–
I hear the whispers through the trees,
Of all its wonderous beauty,
Is it possible to reach out,
To be calm, submisssive, uncomplaining,
Of the beauty of passion and love,
As my heart danced like the wind,
My tears flowed down like rain,
My thoughts and memories were there,
Remembering the whisping through the trees,
To understand the faitfulness of love,
As it cuddles me day and night,
It took me over rainbows of gold,
Touching your life with clouds of romance,
To share an endless love,
That grows deep with in hearts.

3 ———————

As I walked with you in the moonlight,
Down A Country Road
While in the midst of your love,
It took my breath away
Like the undertow in the ocean,
Coming to pull me under
I gasped to catch my breath
filled with intense desire
through the darkness of night
that was the moment
your love surrounded my heart
to brighten my existence
I lifted my voice to the wind
through the land of mystery
to feel the chill in the air
of all your wonderous beauty
that is full of love and pleasure

4 ———————

It’s that one moment in my life,
When she reached over and kissed my lips and held me close,
It felt like the world had stopped,
Then came an undeniable passion,
That took me on wondrous dreams of love,
Is it because I am dreaming,
Or that I just found this amazing woman,
For her beauty lies within her heart,
That cuddles me night and day,
And I’m trying to make sure I never lose her,
For my heart and sole would be lost,
Like the undertow in the ocean’s depths.

5 ———————

The night was too lonely,
As I cry out in my sleep,
My heart just went silent,
As I remember the softness of your lips,
The way you huged me with a soft embrace,
Is it all just images of love,
On scattered clouds,
Or just a heavenly dream.

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