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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Values [Point]

I never know what the exact definition of a value / point in life. Suddenly the question comes into my empty mind. And the terrible is.... I do not feel powerless to answer the question ... and the natural drift to my mind in the past.... this is not imagination, It’s about return to the past to get answers.

During in junior high school, I realized that children are not as clever, but somehow I fully realize that I am intelligent and have a value (nah. .. have value but have a feeling that does not understand the meaning of "value" it sounds so strange?).

Value 1:
I always get fluctuation value / point for almost all subjects, it mean, sometimes I can get 10 point but sometimes just get 2 point in my exam. Strangely ... values that are replay on paper never influence me to feel happy (when get 10 point) or feel sad and destroyed (when get 2 point) somehow my feelings just same.

Value 2:
Special lessons for drawing, in junior high school when I did not receive at least for minimum 7 point. Why? because I know that I can get a value above 8 point. So if not get 8 point I will negotiations with the teacher, I don’t mind if he needs me to create a new picture, until I get at least 8 point. At that time I was defeated by only 2 friends who smart and creative in drawing.
Someday in high school, I was got to draw a value of 6 point. I asked the teacher the reason, and he answered, "You do not draw by your own hand. You were someone else." I wonder, how can he take such a conclusion? While he does not know the real of case, I wonder about it! But with the humble attitude, I said, "Give me 10 minutes to draw again in front of you right now!" and ....

after that I always get a value above 8 point for drawing. And I've never been willing people in the class have a value higher than me in my high school, why? because I know my best to portray that time in the classroom. If the time in junior high I know that I can not exceed 2 other friends.

Value 3:
I remember about my report value of “nahwu” 9 point (nahwu it’s about grammar lesson in Arabic language) at school in the Islamic boarding school, I visit my teacher and ask for revised become 6 point, because I know the value isn’t appropriate for me at the time.
The same thing happened to physics lessons in public schools, when I receive my regular report and get 8 point, so I have revised 6. At that time, I think the physics teacher still remember the events, because when I came and ask for the revision, he is ready to get mad, "You want how much point HAH!", and when I answered “6”, he roar with laughter.
But when I get 5 point for sports, I also won’t receive, because I know I can afford them and the value I have to 8, why? Because at that time I have become athlete of muscle sport “Pencak silat” and I get silver medal at national level. I’m amaze when get 5 point for track, I ran the fastest no. 2 in my class (the no. 1 is runner athlete, and I just pencak silat athletes hehe) and we (me and the runner) around the football field as much as 20 times, when we finish, the other an average of 7-9 new complete. So ... I get 5? No way!

Value 4:
Note: to be continu .. sleepy :)


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