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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hard "silly" worker

Digital clock at the corner page in my computer said that now is 3.23am, late of nite.. but too early in the morning... and I'm just arrived at home.
I have a lot of things to do for tomorrow, it takes time and made me stay longer at the office today. But thanks God that mas Rene van Helsdingen is a kind guy, he was dropped me at home, even I know that he is very tired, but he won’t leave me alone by taxi. He didn’t know that I’m a silly gal who can stay in anywhere hehe.

Mas Rene is a kind and funniest artist, he isn’t upset even my friend Mulky created something silly illustrated about him at “Daily IF, IF Daily”.
Almost all of the people around at JakArt@Festival Program are crazy I guess, especially Mediatik team whos created “Daily IF, IF Daily….” haha…

Mba Ary Sutedja went at 11pm. She was done a lot also. Every body work so quick coz of we has a short time to prepare JakArt@2008 event. But the website was running now, you can visit www.jakart.info to find JakArt@2008 program.

We have a lot of Imaginary program, I found that we must spend much time even for Imagine, it’s not easy as I think. We have Daily IF, IF Daily, its about Imaginary newspaper that reported about Imaginary Festivals. The Festival in our mind must be report at Daily IF. And we found that almost IF reporter already dying about created Imaginary article.
Yeah…. We just notice that create imaginary is not easy.!

I’m glad working with great artist like mba Ary Sutedja and mas Rene van Helsdingen. They has great talented but still humble and always try to be nice to people around, and keep they’re smile also, wow… :O. I’d tried to be like them, I'd promised! :)

Keep Imagine to make your life more fun.


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